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My name is Sherie Grillon and I am the sole owner of Nola’s Fresh Foods.  I started this company because I love food and feeding people.  I grew up in New Orleans in a family where food is a way of life, a place where before you are done with one meal, you are talking about your next.

I have loved cooking ever since I was a child. One of my earliest memories is being in the kitchen with my “maw-maw” watching cooking shows while she prepared a meal for the family.  

I watched her put love into everything she cooked for our family, and you could taste it.  I believe that people can taste when food is made with love, and just as my “maw-maw” did, I put love into all the food I cook; when I cook, my food. When I was nineteen I moved to Austin, Texas to attend the University of Texas at Austin.  I continued cooking in restaurants and fell in love with the bold flavors of Mexican cuisine.  I worked with others who shared my passion for food and taught me how to make some incredible dishes.  I began experimenting with my own salsa, and it was at this time that I developed my Salsa Fresca that is in Over the past 17 years I have continued to make my Salsa Fresca and also develop other recipes such as my Fire Roasted Corn and Black Bean Salsa.  I have gotten great pleasure watching as friends, family and co-workers have enjoyed my salsa during a party, a football game or taco night.  After fifteen years of the bowls being scraped clean and hearing, “this is the best salsa I have ever had,” I decided it was time to share the love with others. Before starting Nola’s Fresh Foods, I graduated from the University of Texas with my Bachelor’s in Social Work.  I worked for almost ten years in the field of Social Work helping families and kids affected by domestic violence, sexual assault and homelessness.  I have always had the desire to be involved in my community and worked with a number of local non-profit agencies in both Austin and also Over the years I have had many supervisory and managerial positions that have helped prepare me for owning my own company.  Before I started Nola’s Fresh Foods I worked for 7 years managing multi-million dollar retail stores.  My specialty was taking over low performing stores and turning them into profitable, high performing stores within the company.  I did this for Victoria’s Secret, Ann Taylor and Nautica.  When I left my last store manager position at Nautica in Wrentham, the store had become the 2nd most profitable store in the company.My strengths as a business owner come from my varied experiences in social work, restaurants and retail.  I have learned patience and empathy from social work, an understanding of recipes and food costs from restaurants and general business knowledge and customer service skills from retail.  Combining my internal drive to succeed with my previous work history I now have the necessary skills to turn Nola’s Fresh Foods into a successful national brand.