Fair Trade on the Rise

Fair Trade USA is gearing up for October – dubbed “Fair Trade Month 2011” – following news that SPINS reports revealed a significant increase in sales and a strong foundation of mainstream consumer support.

SPINS reported that sales of Fair Trade Certified products at mainstream grocery stores grew by 87 percent in the second quarter over the previous quarter, followed by 32 percent growth in the specialty and gourmet channels for an overall growth rate of 63 percent.

According to Fair Trade USA, this confirms that mainstream brands and consumers are increasing their commitment to Fair Trade faster than ever.

“We’re thrilled to see such tremendous growth across all channels,” said Cate Baril, Director of Business Development, Grocery and Ingredients. “As mainstream brands with broad distribution—like Ben and Jerry’s and Larabar—continue to convert their ingredients to Fair Trade, we’ll continue to see sales grow.  As more and more companies choose to source Fair Trade Certified products, they declare their support for fair prices, safe working conditions, sustainable business relationships and other benefits available to Fair Trade farmers and workers around the world.”

In order to help businesses benefit from the Fair Trade Month efforts, Fair Trade USA is offering a number of tools and resources to help brands, retailers and industry partners maximize their market presence. The following items can be found at www.fairtradeusa.org.

Fair Trade Finder: This new Facebook application is the primary method of consumer engagement during Fair Trade Month. Available September 27th, the app will enable consumers to search for and discover Fair Trade Certified products and retailers in their area. They can also comment on products and upload photos of their favorite stores and items.

Every Purchase Matters Style Guide:  This style guide helps brands rally around a single Fair Trade message to generate greater overall awareness.

Free Point of Sale Materials: Point of sale materials are free of charge and help cafés and retailers rally around a consumer-friendly campaign.

Impact Reports: Fair Trade USA’s Product Impact Reports focus on the benefits of Fair Trade in seven major product categories: tea, cocoa, sugar, wine, coffee, flowers and bananas. These category-specific reports highlight the industry background and development issues unique to each supply chain, and are a great resource to help you tell the Fair Trade story any time of the year.