Letter to the Editor Regarding KeVita

Dear BevNET,

In regards to the November 19th BevNET Magazine article, “Gut Feeling”, and on behalf of our R&D team here at MetaBrand, we would like to share with you an updated position we have been able to form on the Probiotic drinks category, and in particular, the previous opinion provided by our Director of Science regarding the KeVita brand’s strains of four beneficial bacteria.

We strongly feel the emerging Probiotics category is one that must be backed with strong science and shelf-life tested efficacy in order for it to mature into the type of volume and broad consumer acceptance seen most recently with coconut waters. The brands that commit to that fundamental approach with their products and thoughtfully make their core health positioning around immune and digestive benefit (married with great taste and packaging) are the brands that will stand apart and have the most chance for success.

After having had the proper time to review the information and science provided to us by Kevita, and other brands that chose to share their own independent data with us since the article was published, we recognize the strong foundation of KeVita’s products in good science and are more encouraged now than before we were interviewed for the article on the efficacy of the products we have researched.

While the Probiotic drink category grows in popularity, it will no doubt attract new brands that may not care to spend the time and effort to create the quality needed to provide true immune and digestive health benefits. The brands mentioned in your article all are in leading positions to pave the way and set best standards. We want to note that Kevita is at the forefront of these brands and should be applauded for its commitment and success in formulating products containing proprietary probiotics that are clinically proven to support digestive health and immune function.


Eric Schnell
Founder & CEO

In the interest of fairness, BevNET Magazine should have requested comment from KeVita on the above matter in the original ‘Gut Feeling’ story. We regret that error.