Le-Nature’s Announces Brand Expansion to 15 New Markets

A sampling of Le-Nature's product line

@@img1 LATROBE, Penn. – July 23, 2002 – Le-Nature’sR, Inc. today announced an aggressive market expansion and branding effort designed to broaden distribution and raise brand awareness through product trial. The expansion is driven by the company’s flagship Flavored Ice(tm) Water with a twist, a pure bottled water with no sweeteners, no calories, and just a hint of all-natural fruit flavor.

New Markets

Starting July 25, Le-Nature’s will expand out of Pennsylvania and introduce the brand with a guerilla marketing campaign in Boston, New York, Chicago, and Atlanta. Additional market introductions in Indianapolis, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Cleveland, Richmond and five other markets will take place in September and October.

“In planning for our brand expansion, we’ve upgraded manufacturing, shipping, marketing and management,” said Gregory J. Podlucky, Le-Nature’s chief executive officer. “We’re the only bottled water company who takes the time and care to pasteurize every bottle of water we make. It’s now time to let the world know about Le-Nature’s Flavored
Ice(tm) Water, and let them taste the difference for themselves.”

Integrated Marketing

To ensure maximum impact, Le-Nature’s has hired Arnold Worldwide’s Integrated Solutions Group to bring the brand to life with consumers. Arnold, widely recognized for its work on the Volkswagen, Monster, and Truth brands, is one of the world’s top integrated and creative agencies. With Arnold, Le-Nature’s will utilize advertising, product sampling, guerilla marketing and public relations to create a buzz in each new market.

“Our sampling program will drive the brand process by letting consumers taste for themselves just how good our flavored waters are,” said Donald B. Lenehan, chief marketing officer at Le-Nature’s. “Public relations will be focused on educating people to understand the health and taste benefits of our unique pasteurization process. Further, we’ll maximize our reach and impact with radio advertising.”

Street Teams

The sampling program will come to life through full-time “Street Teams” in each market. Teams will spend two to three months in each market distributing over 1.2 million eight-ounce samples at cultural events, in parks, at beaches, on busy street corners in shopping centers, etc. “Street Teams” will utilize colorful trucks, uniforms, tents, carts and bicycles branded in Le-Nature’s colors and logos.

“We’re creating a brand experience for consumers from the first time they meet the product,” said Beth Rice, senior vice president and director of Arnold Brand Promotions. “The ‘Street Teams’ are made up of professional brand ‘ambassadors’ whose job it is to get consumers excited about and seeking Le-Nature’s.”

About Le-Nature’s

Le-Nature’s, Inc., produces a full line of pasteurized beverages including Natural and Flavored ICE(tm) Waters, Teas, Lemonades, Vitamin
Dazzler(tm) Fruit Beverages and Aqua Xtra(tm) Vitamin-enhanced Waters. Le Nature’s products can be found in grocery and convenience stores in major markets throughout the Northeast. The company continues to grow and has begun expansion into major Midwest and Southeast markets. Additional information about Le-Nature’sR Beverages can be found online
at: http://www.le-natures.com.

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