Glaceau Vitaminwater Announces Three New Vitamin-enhanced Teas

If you yearn to be a leader, crave perseverance and have a profound thirst for determination, you can enhance your future with the twist of a bottle cap. glaceau vitaminwater, the pioneer and leader in the nutrient-enhanced water category, has expanded its line of 11 flavorful varieties to include three inspirational new vitamin-enhanced teas, sure to excite the taste buds — and minds — of consumers everywhere.

Consistent with energy brands inc.’s history of innovation, the three new varieties of glaceau vitaminwater — hitting shelves nationwide this fall — are the first premium, nutrient-enhanced, low calorie, tea-flavored waters to enter the market.

“It has always been the number one goal of glaceau to enable consumers to feel good about what they drink. The inspirational names and functions of our new products, combined with the tremendous benefit of tea and nutrients, brings the concept of enhanced-water to a whole new level,” said J. Darius Bikoff, President and CEO, energy brands inc.

Each new tea product in the line extension is designed to inspire the minds and palates of consumers through names that they can connect with.

* determination — raspberry yerba mate (tea+glucosamine)
— a mild tea product similar to green tea, yerba mate is referred
to as the “drink of gods”

* leadership — lemon rooibos (tea+inositol)
— rooibos (pronounced “roy boss”) is a caffeine-free, fragrant tea
with a slightly woody, smoky aroma

* perseverance — peach black (tea+carnitine)
— the #1 selling tea in the U.S., black tea contains several
different antioxidants, is fully oxidized (fermented) and yields
a hearty-flavored, amber brew

The new glaceau vitaminwater teas are available in 20-ounce bottles, with 50 calories per 8-ounce serving at a suggested retail price of $1.49.

energy brands, makers of glaceau vitaminwater, is the pioneer and leader in the nutrient-enhanced water category and an innovator in the bottled water industry. For the last two years, glaceau vitaminwater has been the fastest growing bottled water company in the industry, and today, the brand is ranked first in sales in the nutrient-enhanced water category. Following its introduction in New York in 2000, consumers immediately embraced the brand and have helped it achieve iconic status. Formed in 1996 and based in Whitestone, NY, glaceau vitaminwater is distributed at mass market retail outlets, natural foods and specialty stores in 45 states nationwide.