Editor’s note: The following press release was issue in response to Pepsi dropping rapper Ludacris from its ad campaigns…while deciding to air a campaign using the Osbournes.

NEW YORK, NY­ FEBRUARY 5, 2003 – The Hip-Hop Summit Action Network is calling upon the hip-hop community to massively join the “Campaign For Respect,” a national mobilization effort to challenge the “cultural disrespect” of Ludacris and hip-hop culture by Pepsi. During the past six months and, in particular during the last 24 hours, there have been attempts to negotiate a just settlement of this dispute. Unfortunately, Pepsi has failed, thus far, to resolve this issue in a manner acceptable to the hip-hop community.

The “Campaign For Respect” will be officially launched a week from today. We¹re asking all artists and supporters of hip-hop culture to refrain from supporting Pepsi and all Pepsico products.

The “Campaign For Respect” will continue until Pepsi agrees to do the following:

1) Issue a public apology to Ludacris and the hip-hop community
2) Make a $5 million charitable contribution to The Ludacris Foundation
3) Reinstate Ludacris Pepsi commercial advertisement

For further information, please contact Jody L. Miller at JLM PR, Inc. at 212.431.5227; jody@jlmpr.com.