(Sterling, VA) – Jammin’Juices is pleased to announce that they have signed with Tozzi & Associates, a widely recognized and respected East Coast brokerage firm that has established roots in the natural products industry. Jammin’Juices were created to share the luscious taste of exotic fruits and spices, their health benefits and the rhythmic, musical, free-spirited love of life embodied in Caribbean culture.

“We are delighted to be represented by Tozzi & Associates because they share our philosophy and are committed to championing unique and innovative products, ” states Gregory Henry, President and CEO of Food Collage Inc, manufacturers of Jammin’Juices.

Tozzi & Associates is unique in the brokerage community because they offer “retail detail” as well as traditional brokerage services. While other firms remain isolated from their customer base, Tozzi & Associates engage in regular face-to-face contact with retailers. “Tozzi & Associates is especially pleased to represent Jammin’Juices because both companies respect the integrity and tradition from which the natural products industry sprang.” says Phil Tozzi, President and CEO of Tozzi & Associates.

Tozzi & Associates’ Sales Representatives are integrated into the framework of the organization. Most staff members have been with the company over seven years and are empowered by their regular inclusion in company decisions. For example, the process of identifying and choosing representation of new companies is always performed as a round table discussion.

Jammin’Juices fits Tozzi & Associates’ profile, which boasts award winning products. Jammin’Juices blends exotic fruits and Caribbean spices to create unique flavor combinations that are masterful, witty and “mind-blowing” all at once. Jammin’Juices uses only cane sugar and triple-filtered water to achieve a nectar-like consistency. Bottled in 16 oz glass, Jammin’Juices have a shelf life of one year. Jammin’Juices come in three different flavors; Razz-Ade, Mambo Mango, and C-Beta Carrot. Jammin’Juices recently received a Product Merit Award from the Nutrition Business Journal.

For further information, contact Gregory Henry, The Juicemon, Food Collage, Inc., P.O. Box 651025, Sterling, Virginia, 20165 or Christie Communications at 805-969-3744 or visit http://www.jamminjuices.com