Javo Beverage Company to Flavor New Ready-to-Drink Coffee Beverage from Extreme Coffee

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Sept. 9, 2003–Javo Beverage Company announced today that it has begun supplying coffee extract to Extreme Coffee Inc. for two new flavors of its premium coffee drink, SHOCK(R). Shipments of the two new SHOCK flavors, Triple Latte and Triple Mocha, began this summer and are expected to grow rapidly within Extreme’s existing and expanding beverage distribution system.
With the launch of its SHOCK line of blended coffee drinks, the Redwood City, Calif.-based Extreme Coffee is reaching for its share of the ready-to-drink coffee category dominated by Starbucks Corp. SHOCK is positioned as a decidedly caffeinated beverage and prominently features the slogan: “Sleep Is Overrated” on each eight-ounce trim-line can. Javo’s premium coffee extracts were selected to flavor SHOCK’s new Triple Latte and Triple Mocha, both of which claim “three hits of freshly brewed espresso coffee” in their ingredients statements.

Extreme Coffee has created quite a buzz among its targeted younger drinkers, as well as industry analysts who follow the category. “We set out to totally redefine this segment and deliver the best tasting ready-to-drink coffee beverage in the world,” says Extreme Coffee founder and CEO Dan Parodi. “Our answer was to go way beyond what people thought was possible in terms of taste by using fresh brewed coffee and rich, creamy milk flavors.”

So far analysts have had high praise. Bevnet, an independent beverage evaluator, gave SHOCK’s Triple Mocha the highest rating in the coffee drinks category and SHOCK’s Triple Latte four out of five stars.

“Javo’s fresh brewed coffee extraction process is an excellent solution for Extreme Coffee,” commented Cody C. Ashwell, Javo CEO. “Our product development team is very committed to delivering in a big way on SHOCK’s promise of being a premium coffee drink with much more coffee flavor.”

Coffee-flavored beverages, popularized by coffee houses over the last decade and by the introduction of Starbuck’s Frappuccino(R) in supermarkets and convenience stores, are a blend of coffee, milk and sweeteners meant to be enjoyed chilled or over ice as a morning or afternoon refreshment. According to industry analysts, ready-to-drink coffee beverages have made solid distribution gains in convenience stores, supermarkets and mass merchandisers and are nearing $300 million dollars in retail sales. Sales of ready-to-drink coffee beverages continued their steady growth in 2002, posting a gain of 13.0 percent, according to Information Resources Inc.

Last year, Javo announced the opening of its coffee facility in Vista, Calif., capable of brewing nearly 3 million gallons per year of premium coffee concentrates and extracts. Javo Beverage Company also supplies premium concentrated coffees, iced lattes and blended coffee drinks to the foodservice industry that may be hand mixed or conveniently dispensed from hot or cold beverage equipment.

About Javo(TM) Beverage Company

Javo(TM) Beverage Company (OTCBB:JAVO), based in Vista, Calif., is a manufacturer of coffee concentrates, extracts and beverages for the foodservice and food ingredient industries. For foodservice operators, Javo offers great tasting coffee concentrates and coffee-flavored beverages that conveniently dispense like juice or soft drinks. Javo Beverage Company also supplies customized coffee extracts that, when used as a food ingredient, give packaged foods and ready-to-drink beverages authentic and robust coffee flavor. Javo’s coffees, extracts and beverages are served at restaurants and foodservice establishments nationwide. More information about Javo Beverage Company is available at www.javobeverage.com.

About Extreme Coffee Inc.

Extreme Coffee Inc. is a Redwood City, Calif.-based manufacturer of whole bean coffee, coffee-flavored drinks and chocolates. As the originator of the “hyper-caffeinated” segment of the coffee industry, Extreme Coffee’s existing brands include Shock(R) roasted coffee, Shock-A-Lots(R) coffee bean candies and other related products. Common to all Extreme Coffee brands is a commitment to superior product quality, enhanced by a unique marketing philosophy that promotes the cultivation of a strong brand identity among target consumers. More information about Extreme Coffee Inc. is available at: www.extremecoffee.com.


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