Tradewinds: 3 New Flavors for 2004

Cincinnati, Ohio (February, 2004) — The Tradewinds Beverage Company announces the expansion of their tea portfolio to include three new flavors. Their new Diet Raspberry Tea offers the No Carb dieter an extraordinary burst of Raspberry flavor in a refreshing iced tea base. “We know we have a winning flavor with our raspberry Tea and felt that making a No Carb version was a natural for us,” says Christy Lichtendahl, Marketing Director. The new Diet Green Tea is their second entry that utilizes the no carb alternative sweeteners– sucralose and sunnett. It is a genuine Green Tea that contains healthy essential antioxidants. Finally, Tradewinds’ new Mango Green Tea combines their full body Green Tea with the flavor of mangoes. The key to all three new flavors is the tea itself, “We have a unique vantage point– to be able to actually brew the tea ourselves. It imparts a flavor that can not be replicated,” explains Tim Brown, Vice President of Sales. Tradewinds is famous for their Kettle Brewed Tea. There are twelve varieties of Tradewinds Kettle Brewed Iced Teas currently available nationwide through distributors and wholesalers.


For more information:
Christy Lichtendahl
Marketing Director
Tradewinds Beverage Company
635 West Seventh St.
Suite 403
Cincinnati, Oh 45203