A touch of royalty: BevNet adds Greg Prince

BevNet is pleased to welcome Greg W. Prince on board as resident blogger, columnist and industry analyst. Some of you in the beverage business may recognize Greg’s name. Since 1989, he’s covered the industry for several trade publications, most recently as founding editor of Beverage Spectrum magazine, launched in early 2003.

@@img1 Greg’s observations will run regularly on BevNet under the heading The Prince of Beverages, a title he hopes is understood more as pun than self-aggrandizement. Within this forum, Greg plans to offer BevNet readers stories, observations and insights that will help beverage professionals and enthusiasts alike understand the industry a little better.

“How can you not love beverages?” Greg wonders. “Whether you’re marketing them or producing them or just buying them, they’re the most engaging consumer products I can think of. BevNet is illustrative of the passion that people have for them and I’m thrilled to be able to contribute to such a great site.”

In addition to profiling beverage makers large and small as part of his job, Greg emphasizes his love for the field started way before he began to make a living covering it. “I had a childhood allergy to milk, so I was the only kid who brought a can of soda to nursery school,” he reveals. “And in seventh grade, I began collecting soda cans,” an accumulation that he guesses numbers around 600 today.

“I don’t know how many I have, exactly,” Greg admits, “since my wife would prefer I not let them take over the house.” He and his spouse Stephanie live otherwise happily on Long Island with two cats, one of whom is named after a small soft drink company of which he is particularly fond.

Comments or care to drop Greg a line? Email him at prince@bevnet.com.