Pepsi Edge Coming Soon: First Wave to Hit Store Shelves in Mid-June

PURCHASE, N.Y. – May 24, 2004 – Pepsi-Cola North America today announced that its new cola with half the sugar, carbs and calories of regular colas will begin hitting store shelves nationwide in mid-June. This first phase of the introduction will include 20-ounce bottles and six packs of 12-ounce cans. Later this summer – closer to mid-July – Pepsi Edge will appear in two-liter bottles and 12-pack cans.

@@img1 More and more Americans are watching their waistlines and balancing the calories they take in with the energy they expend. Pepsi Edge is for those consumers who seek balance in their diets but do not want to give up the full-cola taste they love. Many consumers – about 60 million of them, according to Pepsi’s research – are already doing their own balancing act by drinking both regular and diet soft drinks. That’s a large and growing group of people that has grown 75% in just two years. Extensive home-use testing also showed that 72% of consumers who tried Pepsi Edge would probably buy it again, which is above average for a typical new product introduction from Pepsi.

Pepsi Edge delivers its full-cola taste through a unique blend of Splenda (sucralose) and high fructose corn syrup – unlike other mid-calorie soft drink offerings, which use multiple sweeteners.

“Pepsi Edge comes at a time when consumers are paying extra close attention to what they eat and drink,” said Dave Burwick, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Pepsi-Cola North America. “This will enable consumers to enjoy a great-tasting cola without all of the sugar, carbs and calories of regular colas. Now people can reward themselves for just about any moment.”

Purchase, N.Y.-based Pepsi-Cola North America ( is the $4 billion refreshment beverage unit of PepsiCo Inc. in the United States and Canada. Its U.S. brands include Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Pepsi ONE, Wild Cherry Pepsi, Pepsi Twist, Pepsi Vanilla, Mountain Dew, Mountain Dew Code Red, Sierra Mist, Mug, Slice, Aquafina, Dole single-serve juices, Tropicana Juice Drinks and SoBe. The company also makes and markets North America’s best-selling ready-to-drink iced teas and coffees, respectively, via joint ventures with Lipton and Starbucks.