Enhanced Water Showing Exponential Growth in C&P Channel

new york, ny – enhanced water seeing exponential growth in c&p channel. is now fastest growing segment of bottled water category.

latest 12 week nielsen data ending 6/12/04 shows that glacéau vitaminwater has a higher vpo nationally than propel and other premium PET water brands such as evian and fiji (chart #1).

same data reveals that in new york metro, glacéau vitaminwater has twice the vpo of propel, aquafina and dasani (chart #2). acv for glacéau vitaminwater in new york metro is relatively high at 79%, which suggests that when available, glacéau vitaminwater is what consumers want.

data confirms same trend in other major metros like san francisco where with only 17% acv, glacéau vitaminwater has higher velocity than propel and is rapidly gaining on aquafina and dasani (chart #3).
beverage marketing corporation projects at least 15% compound annual growth for next five years.

glacéau vitaminwater is the enhanced water category leader with more than 50 percent market share, wholesale revenue exceeding $150 million and compound annual growth of over 200%.