Spartanburg, SC – Rox America, LLC with the introduction of their latest packaging has produced record sales! New to the US is the 20 oz re-sealable bottle and ROX-ZERO for the more health conscience. ROX-ZERO is sweetened with Splenda and has the same great taste ROX is known for.

With the 20oz re-sealable bottle the company targets the “value minded” consumer, who is not easily satisfied with one serving of the 8 oz energy drink. The 20oz label offers user-friendly bilingual labeling (Spanish and English). Two of the Rox 20oz offers more fluid ounces than that of the competitors 4-pack at a fraction of the cost. The screw cap holds in the carbonation to extend the life after opening and reduces the risk of spill. This package size is also ideal for the bars, nightclubs, and party shops seeking an energy drink to cash in on profits cutting the per fluid ounce cost in half. It is quickly becoming the product of choice for these target groups. After its introduction in the Southeast earlier this year sales have dramatically increased.

“These introductions come as little or no surprise to our European competitors” says Amy Rogers Zimmer, president of ROX America. “Our value- sized packaging gained us the recognition as the second most sold energy drink in Austria. Rox America’s goal is to have the same success in America as our parent company in Austria.”

When asked about further developments for the year ahead, Amy R. Zimmer stated with great enthusiasm: “Expect to see a surge of new ideas from our company. Our focus is to continue our growth in the areas of current distribution, support our retailers, grow on-premise trade and offer our customers/ consumers an intelligent alternative energy drink.”

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For further information contact: Amy R. Zimmer of ROX America, LLC, phone: 864-464-2011 or email