Liquid Management Partners Acquires Liquid Ice Energy Drink

New York-based Liquid Management Partners (LMP), LLC today announced it has completed the acquisition of the Liquid Ice Energy Drink Brand from Multimedia Distributing, LLC. Liquid Ice Energy Drink is a lightly carbonated high performance energy drink. It is formulated for when you need extended energy and endurance while preventing fatigue. CoQ-10 is one of the key ingredients, an energy producing enzyme which promotes healthy metabolic fuel efficiency within the cells.

“Liquid Ice Energy Drink is the best tasting energy drink out in the market,” stated Mr. Michael H. Lam, Managing Partner of LMP. “We are very excited and confident in expanding on the tremendous growth of Liquid Ice Energy Drink in the energy drink market. We will continue to work closely with our distributors and suppliers in achieving this goal.”

In another significant step, LMP announces the launch of the Sugar Free Liquid Ice Energy Drink. It is currently available in stores and clubs through out Florida, California, New York and New Jersey. Liquid Ice Energy Drink will soon be available online at

For further information, contact:
Liquid Management Partners, LLC
Phone: 718-391-0667