TRIPLE YOUR SUMMER SALES Impulse First to Market 16oz with Triple the Energy

Miami, Florida – Impulse Energy USA is the first to market the only 16oz with Triple the Energy. Extreme Recharge, Impulses’ 16 oz energy drink is a direct response to today’s consumers demand. People are drinking 16 oz energy drinks because they want more energy. Extreme Recharge captures this consumer and pin points their specific need by Tripling the Energy in their remarkably delicious flavored, modern, clean-looking, 16 oz can, that has a SRP of $1.99. Impulse decided to trademark their 16 oz under a more aggressive, male skewed, powerful name to attract these consumers. Extreme Recharge will be released this July in time to fly off shelves and Triple Your Summer Sales.
“Witnessing, and researching, the evolution of this remarkable category, Impulse Energy USA concluded the consumer is ready and demanding, even more energy in the 16 oz can. Impulse developed the ultimate solution, Extreme Recharge, the only 16 oz with Triple the Energy. Extreme Recharge is absolutely the most relevant 16 oz energy drink available due to its phenomenal taste, powerful effects and eye appeal-buy appeal packaging.” Erin Heit, Marketing Manager, Impulse Energy USA.

Impulse Energy USA is constantly improving and developing innovations that directly respond and satisfy today and tomorrow’s consumer demands. The Company is experiencing triple digit success with their complete line of three, 8 oz Energy Drink offerings – Impulse Energy Original, Impulse Extreme Sugar Free with Triple the Energy and Impulse Zero – Zero Carbs, Zero Sugar & Zero Calories. Impulse Energy, the Miami-based Company, used modern, simple, clean packaging to position their Impulse brand portfolio, as a serious contender looking beyond the traditional “extreme”consumers by creating a relevant lifestyle energy drink.

Now, Impulse Energy USA is doing it again with innovating the 16 oz segment of the energy drink category by fulfilling new consumer demand for even more energy. Introducing Extreme Recharge, the only 16 oz with Triple the Energy, will have additional perceived value. The hot new brand will be rolled out nationally and internationally with manpower, money and marketing support. Everything “Extreme” from POS decals to wrapped vans will be hitting the streets to “Recharge” the 16 oz energy drink category

“Impulse is going to steamroll the 16 oz category with the best tasting, highest caffeine content and best looking 16 oz package. There is no 16 oz energy drink that can come close to our Extreme Recharge Triple the Energy. We will capture this category in no time.” Harold Miller, President, Impulse Energy USA.

Impulse Energy USA is leading the next generation of energy drinks. The award winning combination of great taste, proven functionality, sophisticated packaging and modern marketing strategy, positions Impulse Energy Drinks to be able to compete successfully as a serious contender in the ever-evolving intensifying category. Impulse is a lifestyle brand dedicated to modern consumers seeking to “Elevate their Performance” in whatever life activities they chose from early mornings to late nights. Impulse hit the market in 2001, with distribution limited to the South Florida market. According to plan, Impulse has become the preferred beverage choice of Miami’s famous South Beach and has capitalized on that huge success story to fuel other markets. The brand is demonstrating consistent triple digit growth and worldwide awareness. By year-end, Impulse Energy Drinks will be distributed in over 15 States and in over 25 countries.