OGO Oxygen Water Will be Available in the United States Fall 2005

@@img1Its official, OGO Oxygen Water presented in its unique spherical bottle will cross the Atlantic.

OGO a natural single source enriched with oxygen, bottled water will soon cross the Atlantic for its long awaited American debut into the super premium bottled water category.

The U.S. introduction is a result of a growing interest within the U.S. market by consumers importing the brand from Europe for upscale social events. The time is right to introduce the product here since demand continues to grow. As the brand arrives later this fall, the company will also launch its ‘ogoislife’ web site that will allow consumers throughout the U.S. the opportunity to experience the brand.
Presented in its unique spherical bottle like an oxygen bubble, OGO produces 35X more oxygen than other bottled waters and offers the highest oxygen content commercially available. Recent studies indicate that the level of oxygenation in the blood increases within 15 minutes of consumption and if consumed regularly OGO Oxygen Water can help highlight the color and sheen of the hair, stimulate the circulation, sharpen concentration and reflexes, eliminate toxins, while deeply revitalizing the system. Day after day OGO Oxygen Water refreshes, awakens, stimulates and invigorates.

The introduction into the United States will come about by the newly formed (OGO USA) Group and headed by a team of ex-corporate molded, trade marketing managers from a fortune 100 company with extensive backgrounds in packaged goods namely products distributed within the c-store trade class. The team brings extensive category management, distribution, marketing and sales skills to the newfound venture.

While the teams marketing plan will remain a mystery for know, the company will unveil a vigorous marketing campaign within the coming months outlining a market by market strategy after the products debut in Atlanta later this year. Our “Team OGO Sales” will hit the streets in the Southeast with a handful of Distributors supporting our logistics, and introduce the brand to consumers by an intense sampling program through a “quality” rather than “quantity” campaign. The company admits that sales at retail will soar during the introduction, and be fueled primarily by the unique “spherical bottle” but the company’s marketing strategy will focus on the high concentration of oxygen and if used daily it “refreshes, awakens, stimulates and invigorates”.

For additional information contact via e-mail: larry.greenway@ogousa.com or you may visit the company’s web site at http://www.ogousa.com for additional details or inquires.