August 2005 (Fairfield, NJ) – Leading retailers Harris Teeter and Wegmans have authorized Sanfaustino Calcium Water for in-store distribution, effective immediately. Both retailers authorized Sanfaustino after local doctors contacted store management requesting that they stock Sanfaustino in their stores.

“In this business, consumers play a major role in the products that are brought into the store. But in my 30-plus years in the industry I have never known doctors to contact retailers asking them to carry a specific non-pharmaceutical product,” said Al Gever, CEO of Sanfaustino.

Harris Teeter now carries Sanfaustino in all 138 of their stores and Wegmans is bringing the product into their 67 stores on doctor recommendation.

With Osteoporosis currently affecting 10 million Americans and 75 million people across the United States, Europe and Japan, this is a trend that may continue. Leading doctors across the country are turning to alternative therapies, among them a recommendation to drink Sanfaustino, the all-natural calcium water. Each eight-ounce glass of Sanfaustino contains over 10% of the RDA for calcium, and the calcium in Sanfaustino is as bioavailable, or readily absorbed, as the calcium in milk, dose for dose.

Sanfaustino Calcium Water is currently recommended in the offices of leading Orthopedic Surgeons, Obstetricians/Gynecologists, Rheumatologists and Osteoporosis Prevention Specialists.

Look for Sanfaustino at gourmet and natural foods stores and in the natural foods section of grocers nationwide. Additional information on Sanfaustino’s health benefits and comparisons to other products can be found on the Company’s new website, http://www.sanfaustino.com.

For more information, contach: Carrie Waible T: 646.423.0230; E: cwaible@cascadiaconsultinggroup.com