Source Beverages Adds Three New Distributors in the US

@@img1Greensboro, NC – 2005-Source Beverages has recruited three new distributors in the US for their energy drink lineup of Source BURN, Sugar-Free Source BURN and the new 16oz BURN2.

One Drop, Inc. brings the new 16oz BURN2 into an already established market for Source Beverages, the greater Bay Area of San Francisco.

Lucky Penny Distributing moves BURN into the west coast area of Florida with distribution in the Tampa Bay area.

N2 Sports fills in between Texas and Kansas with service throughout the state of Oklahoma.

“We are excited to add these new distributors,” says Tyler Benedict, President and CEO of Source Beverages. “They help us continue to round out each area that we enter by filling in distribution gaps in some of our key markets.”

“We had five of the eight pallets of our first order pre-sold,” says Vince Moore, owner of N2 Sports. “We’ve been scrambling to get all the stores stocked. The bright packaging and unique citrus taste helped to open a lot of doors and the consumers seem to be really identifying with the brand.”

On the market since 2002, the BURN brand is supported via print, online, on-premise and street level promotions as well as a strong public relations effort. Source Beverages is currently seeking top-quality distributors throughout the US to partner with.

“We received our first shipment in the middle of August,” says Ron Grosjean, owner of One Drop, Inc. “It is already starting to eclipse the other energy drink brands that we distribute.”

The wholesale pricing of Source BURN gives distributors better margins than most energy drinks while offering an award-winning product and excellent customer service.

“It adds substantial profit to each delivery run for our distributors,” says Benedict. “And our strong marketing support creates demand for the product, keeping the turnover and sell-through high.”

About Source®
The Source® line of alternative beverages includes the world’s strongest and healthiest energy drink, Source BURN® 2, Source BURN® and zero-carb Sugar Free Source BURN®, named Best New Product of 2004 by Stagnitos New Products Magazine. With or without the carbs, BURN delivers a tasty, crisply carbonated blend of 118 mg of caffeine, guarana, ginseng, taurine, vitamins B-6 and B-12, and antioxidants A, C and E in every can. Uniquely formulated for burning up the track or burning the midnight oil, you’ll find Source BURN and zero-carb Sugar Free Source BURN in bike shops, nightclubs, bars, cafes, gyms and convenience stores all across the U.S. Source Beverages are manufactured by P.R. Performance Inc. For more information, call 336.540.9476 or visit