Amino Vital® Introduces All Natural Ready-to-Drink

@@img1New York, NY – Amino Vital®, the leader in amino acid-based sports nutrition, today announced the launch of a ready-to-drink supplement formulated with all natural ingredients. New Amino Vital® Puredge Ready-to-Drink arrives on the market at a time when, according to a recent New York Times article:

“Recovery drinks” infused with protein are becoming the drink of choice for some of the world’s fittest people, and, some experts predict, they may soon become the next generation of sports drinks for average exercisers.
Like the other products in the popular Amino Vital® lineup, Puredge packs a rich supply of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), the muscles’ preferred source of energy for strenuous exertion. Combined with the amino acid arginine, another protein building block, BCAAs also deliver what many top athletes report as a quicker recovery with less soreness after especially tough workouts.

“Puredge is a perfect choice for people who are as committed to an all natural regimen as they are dedicated to fitness and sports performance,” says Dr. Oz Garcia, a leading nutritionist and bestselling author of The Balance and Look and Feel Fabulous Forever. “It’s light, refreshing, and relatively low in calories.”

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts across the country have grown increasingly enthusiastic about Amino Vital® since its launch in the U.S. two years ago. Amino Vital® is the Official Amino Acid Sports Supplement of the New York Yankees, Seattle Mariners, Colavita Olive Oil Pro Cycling Team, Las Vegas Gladiators, Athletes’ Performance, USA FIT and New York Road Runners. Amino Vital® has made particularly deep inroads into triathlon with endorsers who include the world’s #1 triathlete and 2004 Olympian Hunter Kemper and 2005 Chicago Triathlon Champion Becky Lavelle.

Each 20 fl. oz. of Puredge delivers 1,850 mg of branched-chain amino acids and arginine, with only 50 calories per 8 fl. oz. serving. Containing no artificial flavors, colorings or sweeteners, Puredge comes in Citrus Orange and Fruit Punch flavors and is available at natural and health food stores nationwide for the suggested retail price of $3.00 a bottle. A complete store listing can be found on the Amino Vital® website.

The Ajinomoto Group is a global food and amino acid powerhouse, with estimated sales of over $10 billion. One of Japan’s best-loved brand names, Ajinomoto is the unrivaled leader in amino acid R&D, commanding an approximate 60% share of the global amino acid market. Ajinomoto’s life-saving innovations include the world’s first IV feeding formula.

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