Lake Success, NY – Ohio Citrus Juice Inc., a Grove City, Ohio beverage distributor, is now bringing VitaZestT to stores in the Greater Columbus, Ohio area.

Ohio Citrus Juice chose to feature VitaZestT – Vitamin & Fruit Enriched WaterT in a recent promotion to boost the health factor among their product selections.

“VitaZestT – Vitamin & Fruit Enriched WaterT is just what the doctor ordered,” said Scott Abramson, V.P of Sales and Marketing. “Because of its great taste and variety of exotic flavors VitaZest is a healthy choice for everyone.”

“Ohio Citrus Juice is responding to changes in a market where health is a big concern for people of all ages. We increasingly hear from health experts in the media about the negative health effects of drinking high calorie, sugar-sweetened, caffeinated, artificially colored or chemically preserved beverages.”

“What a person drinks is one area of one’s diet that can be changed simply and easily, producing immediate results,” added Abramson. “Quality and taste are a big factor. Then consumers should consider what the drink contains when making their choice of a healthy beverage. To improve overall diet and health, today’s consumers are looking to substitute healthy drinks for what they have been drinking without sacrificing flavor.”

“VitaZestT is vitamin and fruit enriched water with no sugar, no carbs, no calories, no caffeine, no artificial colors and no chemical preservatives. In addition to 9 vitamins, VitaZestT is enriched with Calcium unlike most flavored water drinks.”

VitaZestT Vitamin and Fruit Enriched WaterT is produced by Boca Raton, Florida-based Triple A Products, LLC with regional offices in Lake Success, New York. For more information, please visit