Clearly Canadian to Star on TV

Monday, June 12, 2006 – Struggling sparkling water maker Clearly Canadian Beverage Corporation is taking a cue from the c-list celebrity by agreeing to star in its own reality television show.

In an effort to revive the brand name’s ailing fortunes, the Vancouver company is the subject of “Clearly Canadian: Reality of a Turnaround.”

Filming of the first episode has begun and will feature corporate executives attempts to regain the prominent position Clearly Canadian once held in the now booming flavoured sparkling water business.

The company’s president, Brent Lokash, said there are pros and cons to being the subject of a reality series.

“The massive exposure of the brand and product lines to a national television audience in the tens of millions is exciting. The fact that we have little room for error and our moves will be documented for all to see is scary,” he said in a statement.

Canada’s $1-billion bottled water business has seen double digit growth since the 1980s when Clearly Canadian was first introduced.

But the brand has declined sharply in popularity as industry giants Coca Cola Co., PepsiCo Inc. and Nestlé Canada Inc. have dominated the category which has turned to sparkling, flavoured and waters enhanced with vitamins and supplements to boost sales.

Clearly Canadian lost $7.1-million in 2005 compared to a $3.5-million loss in 2004. Revenue fell to $9.6-million from $11.9-million the year before.

The company’s shares are traded on the over the counter bulletin board and were up a penny to $3.08 in early morning trading.