Big Enough to Quench a Viking’s Thirst Iceland Spring Adds a New Size to its Arsenal

Orangeburg, NY August, 2006 – Have you ever still felt thirsty after your 500ml bottle of water but did not want to buy a whole Liter because it was too unwieldy or did not fit into your cup holder in the car? Well Iceland Spring, natural spring water bottled at source and imported from Iceland, now has the answer. Iceland Spring is delighted to announce the launch of their “Viking” size bottle – 24oz of pure, refreshing Iceland Spring.

Starting August 1st 2006, Pure Distribution LLC, Iceland Spring’s exclusive distributor in the USA, will roll out the sleek new 24oz bottle in time for the hottest summer we have seen in years. The 24oz bottle will be available throughout NY and slowly be introduced into Whole Foods, Wild Oats and other fine Natural Food shops throughout the summer. Big enough to quench even a mighty thirst, Iceland Spring’s 24 oz bottle is still handy enough to carry around, put in your pocket or fit in your “craft’s” cup holder.

During these hot summer months it is very important to hydrate well. Iceland Spring, with it’s low mineral content (only 48 mg/L), and high pH of 8.45 is the perfect water to replenish lost fluids, and you can drink as much as you like.

“It is increasingly recognized by public health professionals that long-term ingestion of high mineral content water represents a strain on the cardiovascular system. Iceland Spring water, in contrast, is low mineral content water, which can be consumed, even in very large daily amounts, with no concern for excessive mineral build-up.” says Dr. Richard Maas, co-director of the University of North Carolina- Asheville Environmental Quality Institute, which is widely recognized as one of the United States’ leading drinking water research centers.

About Iceland Spring: Imported from the pristine mountains of Iceland, Iceland Spring is the purest bottled water available in today’s market. The comparative remoteness of Iceland, its lack of intensive agriculture and heavy industry, and its system of tides and winds that protect from weather borne pollutants result in a fresh and pure water that cannot be found anywhere else.

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