Bravo! Brands First to Produce Eight-Ounce Vendable Milk That Meets ABA Guidelines


@@img1NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla., Sept. 27 – Bravo!(TM) Foods International Corporation announces the production of Slammers(R) that meet the new American Beverage Association guidelines: a vendable eight-ounce “snowman-shaped” bottle, containing 99% fat free milk in assorted flavors: 3 MUSKETEERS(R) Slammers(R) Chocolate Milk, Cocoa Puffs(R) Slammers(R), Trix(R) Slammers(R) and PRO Slammers(R) Vanilla Rush, Hard Chocolate and Scorchin’ Strawberry. The eight-ounce Slammers are distributed by Coca-Cola Enterprises, and can fill vending machine slots traditionally occupied by 12 oz. soda cans.

“The new ABA guidelines are changing what children can buy in schools,” says Roy Warren, Bravo! Foods International’s Chief Executive Officer. “We saw an opportunity to create ‘kid friendly’, 99% reduced fat milk that is not only delicious to students, but also makes parents happy from a health and nutrition standpoint. We moved quickly to design a new package, and are proud to be the first company to provide vendable milk that meets the guidelines.” The 8-ounce Slammers(R) are currently in production and will begin shipping in October 2006.

Produced aseptically, Slammers(TM) have no preservatives, do not need to be refrigerated and have a shelf life of six months. Slammers products are available nationwide in popular chains such as: 7- Eleven, A&P, Dutch Farms, Giant Food Stores, Jewel, Kings, Pathmark, Safeway, Sam’s Club, Shaw’s, ShopRite, Speedway, SuperTarget, Unified, Waldbaums and Walgreens. Consumers may use the product locator feature at to get an updated list of locations using their zip code. Product will be available for purchase online at this fall.