airforce Nutrisoda Announces New East Coast Broker

MINNEAPOLIS, (Oct. 2006) – Ardea Beverage Co, creator of airforce® Nutrisoda®, announces today that Larry Iannuzzi joined the team Oct. 1, 2006 as the beverage’s new East Coast broker. Iannuzzi’s role is to guide and orchestrate retail sales of airforce Nutrisoda through alternative venues of distribution.

Iannuzzi was the co-owner of a gourmet specialty store, Dione Lucas Gourmet Center, from 1983 to 1986. He then took on the roles of sales representative, account executive and vice president at Haddon House Food Products Inc. where he spent 19 years. Soon after Iannuzzi’s long running career at Haddon House, he was announced senior vice president of specialty foods for the RJ Group. In August Iannuzzi established his own sales management consulting firm called Larry I. and Associates, Sales – Management -Solutions.

“Larry is a master broker and will use his wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to help expand the airforce Nutrisoda brand,” said Gary Garland, vice president of sales, food service/hospitality, and retail partners for Ardea Beverage. “He is energetic, committed to his responsibilities and is well respected in our industry. We are thrilled to have him as part of our growing team.”

“I am elated to be working with such a smart company like Ardea Beverage, and am excited to make a significant contribution to the airforce Nutrisoda team,” said Iannuzzi. “I have over 20 years of experience with selling specialty food and beverage products and understand the commitment and heart it takes to succeed in this competitive business.”

airforce® Nutrisoda®, introduced in 2003, targets on-the-go, style conscious, nutritionally-aware people who also enjoy new experiences and discovering new products. Each of the seven natural flavors within the portfolio feature striking packaging and contain amino acids, vitamins and minerals formulated to achieve a specific wellness benefit. The products have zero sugar, sodium or aspartame. Nutrisoda is formulated with natural colors and water filtered 4 times for extra purity. Brand offerings include Immune in tangerine and lime flavor, Radiant in pomegranate and black berry, Calm in wild berry and citron, Focus in mango and peach, Flex in black cherry and apple, Energize in mandarin and mint and Slender in pink grapefruit and guava. airforce® Nutrisoda® is now available at select retail stores including SuperTarget, fine grocers, hotels, cruise lines, restaurants, clubs and spa locations in select markets around the country. The product can also be found at over 20 airports across the nation, as well as online at

About airforce® Nutrisoda® and Ardea Beverage Company
The Ardea Beverage Company is dedicated to the development and marketing of nutrient enhanced beverages that deliver a health and wellness benefit in a safe, delicious and convenient format. Beverages in the line include: Immune, Energize, Flex, Focus, Calm, Radiant and Slender. The company is based in Minneapolis, Minn. For additional information, visit