Jones Soda Partners with Vitamin Angels to Save One Million Children from Going Blind

Seattle, WA – Jones Soda Co. (the “Company” or “Jones Soda”), announced today its partnership with Vitamin Angels with a goal to save more than one million children from going blind.

Over the next year, Jones Soda Co. will be working with Vitamin Angels in numerous ways promoting their most aggressive campaign yet, Operation 20/20; an effort to eradicate childhood blindness due to vitamin A deficiency (VAD) worldwide. VAD affects between 100 and 140 million children annually and of those children up to one-half million will go blind. The true tragedy is that one-half of these children will die within 12 months of going blind from opportunistic infections and associated diseases.

To support this cause, Jones Soda is donating the time and financial resources needed to provide vitamin A supplements to one million children in developing and impoverished countries. These funds will be raised through contributions from 24C vitamin enhanced water, the website, Jones Soda under the cap program and an innovative viral marketing campaign focused on our youth demographic.

“Saving one million children from going blind is real and very exciting for Jones, our stakeholders and our community.” Peter van Stolk, President and CEO stated. “We are honored to work with Vitamin Angels and make this happen.”

To date, Vitamin Angels has distributed over 350 million vitamins and other supplements in 82 countries around the world. Vitamin Angles is often referred to as the “humanitarian arm” of the natural products industry and is the only non-profit in existence solely dedicated to providing vital nutrition to those in need internationally and domestically.

“Jones Soda is one of the most innovative companies around. Their contribution will be life changing for a million at-risk children,” says Howard Schiffer, executive director of Vitamin Angels. “We are thrilled to have their support and creative energy for Operation 20/20.”

Established in 1994, Vitamin Angels is a non-profit organization that works at the village levelproviding vital nutrition to children and families in need. For more information, please visit