First Carbonated Beverage Line Certified “Glycemic Index Tested”


@@img1HILLSIDE, NEW JERSEY (May 1, 2007) – Setting a new standard in the beverage industry, Integrated BioPharma, Inc.’s (NasdaqGM:INBP) wholly owned subsidiary, The Organic Beverage Company today announces the successful completion of human clinical trials establishing the very first carbonated beverage line to be certified as Glycemic Index Tested!

The Organic Beverage Company (“TOBC”) has been a leader in addressing the functional beverage market with healthy, alternative beverages designed to provide consumers with choices when selecting a beverage. The TOBC’s product SyzmoT, pronounced [s-is-mo], has been the world’s first USDA certified organic energy drink and now establishes another trendsetting first as the first certified Glycemic Index Tested carbonated beverage line. Additional product attributes include great taste profiles, a full compliment of RDA vitamins, and most of all, No High Fructose Corn Syrup!

Glycemic Index Laboratories, Inc. of Toronto, Canada, completed human clinical trials to determine the Glycemic Index of SyzmoT. The clinical study yielded a GI rating of 30, which is categorized as a Low GI rating. Beverages that are sweetened with glucose, high fructose corn syrup, granulated sugars, or other natural sweeteners generally would not qualify as Low GI rated products. Under a license agreement with Glycemic Index Ltd, a not for profit company composed of the University of Sydney, Diabetes Australia and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Australia, SyzmoT will now prominently display the international seal for Glycemic Index Tested products and will also display the GI rating along with an explanation of the Glycemic Index rating; GI is a ranking of carbohydrates and their effect on blood glucose levels.

“This new certification gives consumers the ability to choose healthier beverages based upon GI ratings and provides additional credibility to our beverages in the market” say’s Jeffrey O’Neal, President, The Organic Beverage Company. “While we’ve been recognized as the leader in USDA organic energy drink category, we’ve now advanced that a step further being the very first carbonated beverage to be certified Glycemic Index Tested”.

Alan Barclay, Acting CEO Glycemic Index Ltd. of Sydney Australia indicated “We’re pleased with the developments from The Organic Beverage Company in pioneering Glycemic Index Testing in the carbonated and functional beverage markets”. Dr. Alexandra Jenkins, Vice President, Glycemic Index Laboratories, Inc. of Toronto Canada who has been involved in research related to the glycemic index since its inception more than twenty years ago stated: “we are excited to see an increase in the awareness of the Glycemic Index in the marketplace and the efforts by industry, such as The Organic Beverage Company, to increase the availability of low GI products.”

SyzmoT is packaged in a unique SLEEK can from Rexam, and is currently sold at many natural and specialty grocery outlets nationwide. The Organic Beverage Company expects to expand into the mass grocery and convenience channels in 2007, making its healthy energy drink available to mainstream consumers. Additional information on The Organic Beverage Company and its product SyzmoT can be obtained from our website, or by calling (866) 637-8802.

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