New Fruit2O Offers Function and Flavor with Zero Calories

Tarrytown, NY– Consumers now can have delicious refreshment without worrying about unwanted calories! Fruit2O, the innovator of the flavored water category, is unveiling a new vitamin-enhanced line of water beverages formulated with a unique bundle of vitamins, zero calories and zero grams of carbohydrates per serving, and the great taste of Fruit2O. Four new Fruit2O varieties include Energy, Hydration, Immunity and Relax, all scheduled to debut this month in stores nationwide.

Designed for consumers who are searching for great-tasting beverage options, but concerned about calorie consumption, new Fruit2O vitamin-enhanced water beverage is smart enough to satisfy more than just thirst.

• Deliciously crisp and fruity tasting, Fruit2O Energy wakes up the senses any time of day with energy-releasing B vitamins and all the caffeine kick in a cup of coffee. B vitamins are involved in energy release from foods.
• Flavored with the thirst-quenching taste of strawberry tangerine, Fruit2O Hydration is enhanced with electrolytes to help hydrate the body when active.
• Infused with the taste of super-fruits like pomegranate and berries, Fruit2O Immunity contains vitamin A and antioxidants C and E to help maintain a healthy immune system.
Fruit2O Relax brings the exotic taste of a tropical fruit blend to life, with chamomile and hibiscus helping to soothe the senses after a hectic day.

“The launch of this new line of Fruit2O provides consumers with great-tasting, vitamin-enhanced water without unwanted calories,” said Vinay Sharma, Senior Brand Manager, Fruit20. “This product line brings a combination of function and flavor to the marketplace but also addresses a concern that we hear over and over again from consumers – ‘I don’t want to drink my calories.’ New Fruit20 vitamin-enhanced water beverage is one they truly can feel good about drinking.”

New Fruit2O debuts in a clear bottle with a silver label and will be available nationwide at select drug, convenience and grocery stores, as well as club and mass merchandise outlets. Available in 16 fl. oz. as singles, in four-packs, and a 24-count variety pack at select club stores, suggested retail prices are $0.99-$1.29, $2.99, and $12.99, respectively.

New Fruit20 Energy, Hydration, Immunity, and Relax is a new line that joins the already extensive Fruit20 varieties currently on the market. All Fruit2O varieties are made with natural fruit essence, giving each a unique, bold fruit taste. The flavored waters are lightly sweetened with SPLENDA® Brand Sweetener, an ingredient which has been shown to have no effect on blood glucose levels. Fruit2O is a great beverage option for people living with diabetes and those looking to liven up their water options.

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