Bawls Guarana Expands Product Line with Launch of New Cherry Flavor!


@@img1Miami, FL – May 2007 – Hobarama, LLC has announced the launch of BAWLS Guarana Cherry – the company’s first beverage flavor addition to the BAWLS Guarana product line in nearly three years. Created in response to a flood of fan requests for a cherry-flavored offering, BAWLS Guarana Cherry has a refreshing cherry flavor, blended with a kick of guarana-based caffeine.

“With the current growth in our distribution and the flood of customer requests for a cherry product that have come in, we felt that this was a good time to explore different flavor options,” commented Hobarama CEO Hoby Buppert. “BAWLS Guarana Cherry is a delicious beverage and we’re very proud and excited for this product.”

BAWLS Guarana Cherry will hit store shelves in markets this month in Hobarama’s award-winning 16 oz cans. To keep in line with Buppert’s preference for innovative packaging, the BAWLS Guarana Cherry cans have been designed to change color once the beverage is cold enough to enjoy. A red, bumped glass bottle offering is scheduled to launch this summer.

Thanks to the brand’s extensive event presence, BAWLS Guarana drinkers will have a chance to taste Hobarama’s newest drink immediately. Beginning May 11th, BAWLS Guarana Cherry will be heavily sampled to hundreds of thousands at BAWLS-sponsored video gaming, paintball and BMX racing events for the duration of the year.

BAWLS is the brainchild of entrepreneur Hoby Buppert, CEO of Hobarama, LLC, who named the beverage for the caffeinated “bounce” the drink packs. Widely distributed to local super markets, convenience stores (7-Eleven), Target Superstores, CompUSA stores and gaming venues; BAWLS is a premium, non-alcoholic, carbonated beverage made from the guarana berry harvested in the Amazonian Rainforest. The caffeine found in BAWLS Guarana contains the same amount of caffeine as coffee and nearly three times that of traditional sodas due to a naturally occurring form of the stimulant found in the guarana berry. BAWLS’ unique refreshing flavor tastes like a citrus infused cream soda and its popularity continues to grow over a variety of different sectors including financial institutions, the fashion industry, technology businesses, military bases, extreme sports and college campuses. For more information, please visit