Pimp Juice Launch in South Africa Makes Big Splash

St. Louis, MO – May, 2007- As reported on the front page of the Johannesburg Star Newspaper in South Africa, Fillmore Street Brewery, the makers of Nelly’s pimp juice energy drink, have completed their first licensed run in Africa with Mathews Phosa, Peter Friedman, and their MojaLife company. Nelly and Fillmore Street Brewery are proud to add distribution on the African continent to Pimp Juice’s growing list of accomplishments.

“We have a very big year planned for Derrty ENT (record label), Apple Bottoms, and Pimp Juice,” Nelly explained. “I am very excited about the new pimp juice flavor coming out this summer, am continuously amazed by Pimp Juice and hip hop’s success overseas, and am very excited about visiting South Africa for personal and promotional reasons.”

From the news story, ANC stalwart Mathews Phosa wants you to drink his Pimp juice. In one of the most unlikely business partnerships, the former Mpumalanga premier and Afrikaans poet has forged a partnership with US rapper Nelly.

Their first venture is Pimp juice, a non-carbonated sports energy drink that sells over 2.4 million cans a month in the US alone. It will be available on retail shelves in South African on May 18. The South African Pimp Juice, though very similar in taste and look, will be carbonated to better match the taste preferences of the local market.

According to Phosa, “pimp” stands for “positive intellectually motivated persons”. The song Pimp Juice, from Nelly’s hit album Nellyville, was the inspiration for the energy drink. Clark Wolfsberger, CEO of Fillmore Street Brewery, who was in the country to meet with Phosa yesterday, said Nelly wanted to turn a negative connotation/ term into something positive.

Pimp juice will be produced and manufactured in South Africa, with plans to supply Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Israel. “Many of those territories will be fed through the production facility here,” said Wolfsberger.

Both Phosa and Wolfsberger emphasized corporate social responsibility through the partnership, which involves a foundation focusing on youth education to be initiated by Phosa and Nelly. “What Nelly is excited about is to give back to the youth,” said Phosa. “We have not agreed on a name yet, but it will hang on Nelly and myself.”

The relationship also sees Mojalife – using the branding of Pimp juice – entering into the realm of television. They recently signed a deal with the UK-based Screen Ventures and MTV Networks to shoot 52 episodes of the international television series Pimp My Ride in South Africa. Plans are already afoot to have Nelly host the show with a South African presenter.
Also mooted for local television audiences is a hip-hop reality show based on the Idols format. The winner could possibly receive a two-year recording contract with Nelly’s Derrty ENT record company.

In addition to South African distribution, Fillmore Street Brewery is preparing to launch a new flavor of pimp juice this summer. The new pimp juice can will be a purple rendition of the original pimp juice can design, and the new pimp juice flavor will be a prickly pear/ grape flavor. The new Pimp Juice Energy Drink will be a premium anti-oxidant/ energy drink with a proprietary blend of Acai, Ascorbic Acid, Grape Extract, Green Tea Extract, Pear Extract, Pomegranate Juice, and Yerba Mate in addition to its energy components of Caffeine, Taurine, and Guarana. Fillmore Street Brewery expects for the new flavor to hit the shelves sometime in July.

Fillmore Street Brewery has continuously amassed highly respected domestic and international distributors as well as taking advantage of other non-traditional beverage retail outlets. As always, Pimp Juice products are readily available online at the Pimp Juice web store (www.letitloose.com) and in most local malls at Spencer’s Gifts.