Zen Tea 2 Ounce Shots Available at Whole Foods


Whole Foods is very impressed with the Zen ShotT product and will be launching the Zen ShotT product line in all Texas stores during the week of July 16th. This is a one of a kind product that is pure and natural. The 2 ounce Green Tea Energy shots provide incredible health benefits for those on the go that not only need energy but also powerful antioxidants and vitamins without caffeine and refined sugars. The conception of this idea came about when Connie and Alex Hernandez were not satisfied with the current state of the Ready to Drink (RTD) energy market. Almost all of the current RTD energy products were loaded with sugar and caffeine, and many of them did not taste good. Also many of them were not portable and easy to carry on trips. After 12 months of trials and taste-tests Shot Me UpT finally came up Zen ShotT, a powerful blend of natural ingredients based on Green Tea Extract. The advantages of the Zen ShotT product line over current energy drinks include:

*Patented proprietary Green Tea Extract that provides antioxidant benefits of 5 to 8 cups of green tea

*Patented proprietary Aloe Leaf Juice increasing nutrient absorption up to ten times greater

*Made with the finest natural ingredients

*Great taste

*No refined sugar

*No caffeine

*Energy from B and C vitamins, panax ginseng and agave nectar

*Portable and easy to drink that you can take to work, school, and on business and vacation trips

The Zen ShotT product line will be available in five flavors:

* Original
* Mint
* Orange
* Lemon
* Berry

To learn more about this great product please visit: http://www.zen-shot.com