Game Juice — by Gamers, for Gamers Launches in FL

@@img1 Miami, FL, September 17, 2007 – Miami is on the map for lots of reasons: nightlife, beaches, year-round sunshine… Now it’s on the map for something totally brand new: Game JuiceTM.
Launching in South Florida this week in select locations, Game JuiceTM is a carbonated, electric-green, energizing drink made by video gamers for video gamers which features a video game-controller styled bottle.
Game JuiceTM was created with the direct input of South Florida video game players while playing games in local game centers.
“We’ve put a lot of face to face research into the development of Game JuiceTM,” says Matt Rosenberg, President of Game Juice Inc. and both a creator and player of video games. 
Hours and hours of research went into making Game JuiceTM appeal to the South Florida gaming crowd. So in effect, this company has tried to cater to its target audience in practice; not just in theory.
“It was important to deliver a high-quality flavor, a great name and a fun bottle. That’s why we went into the video game centers where people played for hours and asked the players what they wanted. Game JuiceTM was developed directly from the preferences of South Florida gamers. So far, from the response we have received, it seems we are right on target,” adds Matt.
And it’s not just the drink that appeals, check out the bottle…
Game JuiceTM bottles (16.9 oz.) feature a patent–pending design that resembles buttons and grips from video game controllers, bringing the sense of touch from the game experience directly to the bottle.
“We put extensive effort into the name, flavor and especially the bottle design, to deliver a Game JuiceTM experience that connects them with their game controllers. We’ve seen people from 5th graders to parents pressing the buttons like they were playing a game,” says Rich Wilson, an avid video-gamer and partner in Game Juice Inc.
Ingredients include blended flavors, energy salts, a vitamin mix, and real sugar for higher quality and taste – purposely avoiding high fructose corn syrup.
Why Game JuiceTM?
The idea to create Game JuiceTM sparked in 2004 when Matt saw an opportunity to reach the exploding video game culture – a US industry valued at more than $13 billion. Having developed Advergames (games that convert major corporate brands into video games) since 2001 with his company, Makinita, Rosenberg felt that it was time to deliver a drink created by gamers, for gamers – and not by a large beverage corporation. He was introduced by a contact at Sunkist to Bob and Richard Wilson, who work in a beverage consulting company and are father and son, respectively. Bob’s many years experience with Cadbury Schweppes has also proven valuable in the development process.
Game JuiceTM can be found at locations including game centers Outlan, Scorpico, Gamebreakers, and Noobie Games (soon to open on Miami Beach) as well as Compass Market on South Beach, Stop ‘n Shop next to UM’s Gables campus, and an increasing number of convenience stores and retail locations. It is produced in Miami, Florida and distributed by Bev-Co.

Game JuiceTM is a flavor-filled, energizing drink in a game controller-styled bottle that is made by gamers, for gamers. Featuring ingredients that serve the needs of avid game players, Game JuiceTM was launched by Matt Rosenberg, Rich Wilson and Bob Wilson. Matt is the owner of Makinita, an Advergame development company that has made video games for Procter & Gamble, The Ad Council, Ford, Carnival Cruise Lines, and Nestlé, among others. Rich Wilson and Bob Wilson are beverage industry specialists, with Bob having extensive experience with Cadbury Schweppes. For more information, please contact Matt Rosenberg at 786-525-6969 or visit