First Quinoa Beverage in The U.S. Will be Introduced by Quinoa Gold at the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore this Week

Newport, RI, September 27, 2007 — Rhode Island entrepreneur Marcus Edwards’ own discovery of the ancient South American grain Quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) occurred in the early 1990’s while owning and managing a coffee processing plant in Ecuador.

“I noticed the locals eating quinoa during the day and raving about the stamina it gave them when they worked in the fields, ” reflects Edwards, who is introducing three Quinoa Gold ( caffeine-free beverages – the first Quinoa beverages to be available in the United States – at Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore, September 27-29.

“The more I researched, the more I got hooked by not only the nutritional benefits of Quinoa, but also by its history of 5,000 years, “says Edwards. Edwards eventually sold the plant to the agricultural competitor during a period of political unrest, and returned to the U.S. where he became a commodities trader in New York until the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center changed his life forever.

He left New York for Newport, Rhode Island where he continued his research into quinoa’s mystical heritage and founded Quinoa Gold in 2004. Over the next two years he developed a proprietary process that keeps the powerful nutritional content of quinoa intact. Today, Quinoa Gold has three gluten-free flavors – Pina Colada, Berry and Mango – that are 100% organic.

Quinoa’s meteoric rise in popularity has translated to restaurant and dinner menus across America, mostly because of its elevated nutritional profile that includes the unique balance of nine essential amino acids as well as fiber, protein, B vitamins such as iron, niacin, zing, manganese, riboflavin and magnesium.

Clinical studies on the quinoa grain – which is actually the seed of a plant common to the spinach family – have revealed many health benefits from stress management resulting from the B-vitamins to weight loss associated with its high fiber content.   Studies at Brigham Young University suggest that, Quinoa may provide almost all of the nutrients a body needs. 

“If there were one food to take to a desert island, Quinoa would be your best bet, says Edwards.  
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