Tizane pioneers new beverage category — ‘botanicals’


Washington, DC (Oct. 7, 2008) – Taste aficionados will delight in the arrival of Tizane, the nation’s first line of premium organic botanicals. Offered in Hibiscus, Lemongrass and Jasmine, the infusions are made with artisanal techniques that have been passed down for generations in many cultures worldwide. Tizane is a name that means gypsy traveler and embodies the international connectedness of these infusions, one of civilization’s most time-honored drinks.

“Tizane botanicals take you to a new destination in taste,” said co-founder Charlie Pucciariello, CEO. “They bring out the full flavor, aroma, color and nutrients of the botanicals in their true, natural state. Plus Tizane beverages aren’t teas, so they’re totally caffeine-free!”

Bottled in 12-ounce recyclable glass bottles to preserve the crisp, fresh taste, each infusion is hand crafted in small batches. “Tizane uses only the purest organic ingredients,” said Nona Pucciariello, Tizane President and co- founder. “Nothing artificial or unnatural is used – no additives, powders, extracts, supplements, concentrates, preservatives, colorings, caffeine or added sugar.”

Nona spent years perfecting Tizane’s three recipes while traveling the world with her husband and partner, Charlie. “Our interest in other cultures and their cuisine led us to the many ways in which plants are used for their unique flavoring and beneficial properties,” said Nona.

Jasmine – A cool, relaxing taste that is subtle and uplifting, Jasmine offers fresh, light jasmine floral notes and a very slight citrus undertone- both of which are smoothed by a lingering, honey-like finish. Its organic ingredients are jasmine flower, hibiscus flower, linden leaf and flower, and blue agave nectar. (70 calories)

Hibiscus – A deep red infusion, this features citrus berry-like overtones, enhanced by the mildly sweet pear notes of rose hips. Hints of licorice combine with mint for a crisp, refreshing finish. Its organic ingredients are hibiscus flower, rose hips, anise seed, spearmint leaf, lemon balm and blue agave nectar. (80 calories)

Lemongrass – Full of refreshingly delicate, grassy lemon notes with earthy hints of mint. Its organic ingredients are lemongrass, hibiscus flower, anise seed, lemon balm, eucalyptus, spearmint leaf, catmint and blue agave nectar.
(60 calories)

Only 60-80 calories per 12-ounce bottle, Tizane’s light sweetness comes from the blue agave plant, a functional food. Blue agave is known for its high concentration of inulin, which assists in controlling blood sugar, improves bone mineral density, and acts as a “prebiotic” to stimulate the growth of beneficial flora.

Tizane Beverages are available in 12-ounce glass bottles for a suggested retail price of $2.99 each wherever gourmet and specialty foods are sold, including natural food grocers, cafés, co-ops, theatres and small luxury hotels. Tizane has launched in the mid-Atlantic region and continues its roll- out in the northeast this fall.

About Botanicals Pioneer Tizane Beverages

Tizane is the nation’s first line of premium organic botanicals. Offered in Hibiscus, Lemongrass and Jasmine, the low-calorie infusions deliver a deep flavor that is balanced, restorative and rich with minerals. Lightly sweetened with pure, premium blue agave nectar, these artisanal botanical blends are slowly steeped in small batches to bring out the full flavor of lemongrass, rose hips, jasmine flower, spearmint leaf, hibiscus flower and other quality ingredients. Visit Tizane on-line at www.tizane.com or contact them at:
Tizane Beverage, PO Box 42694, Washington, DC 20015; telephone 1.888.2.TIZANE.