Skinny Nutritional Corp. to Develop Additional Line of ZERO-Calorie Beverages 100% Naturally Sweetened

Skinny Nutritional Corp . ( OTC BB:SKNY.OB ), marketer and distributor of Skinny Water®, announced today that it plans to introduce a line extension of beverages in early 2009. The new beverages will contain a proprietary natural sweetener derived from Stevia , and like Skinny Water, will contain ZERO calories.

“We have been working on launching new Skinny beverages that contain an all natural sweetener with ZERO calories,” says Ron Wilson, President and CEO of Skinny Nutritional Corp. “Many consumers are looking for a great tasting, ZERO-calorie beverage that is 100% natural. We also believe that we can gain entry into many natural and whole food distributors and retailers throughout the country with these new beverages. We are always researching new trends in the functional beverage segment. In addition to the latest superfruits, health and wellness ingredients, and natural colors, we see Stevia-derived sweeteners as a breakthrough in the sweetener category.”

Early this week, U.S. suppliers of sweeteners derived from rebaudioside A, a part of the Stevia leaf, announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a no objection letter concerning the conclusion of an independent expert panel that highly-purified rebaudioside A is generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for use as a general purpose sweetener, including for use in food and beverages. These suppliers have also announced their intention to market all natural, ZERO-calorie sweeteners made with highly purified rebaudioside A. Based on assurances from its ingredients supplier, the company expects to obtain sufficient supplies of the sweetener for production purposes.

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Headquartered in Bala Cynwyd, Pa., Skinny Nutritional Corp. is the exclusive worldwide distributor of Skinny Water®, a zero-calorie, zero-sugar, zero-sodium and zero-preservative multi-functional water that helps aid in weight loss. Skinny Water comes in five great tasting flavors that include Acai Grape Blueberry, Goji Fruit Punch, Peach Mango Mandarin, Raspberry Pomegranate, and Passionfruit Lemonade. Skinny Water®is the first functional water in the market that contains three key ingredients-Super CitriMax®; ChromeMate®; and EGCG, a green tea extract-which have been clinically shown to help aid in weight loss. Skinny Nutritional Corp. also expects to launch additional branded products, including Skinny Tea®, Skinny Shakes®, Skinny Java(TM), and other Skinny branded beverages. For more information, visit .