GURU Launches Into Summer with New Flavors, Size and Design


May 1st 2008, New York – GURU, the ground-breaking line of 100% Natural and USDA Certified Organic Energy Drinks, is now available in a 12oz slim can and introduces two new flavors: GURU Full On Lemonade and GURU Juicy Superfruit.

The newly redesigned GURU can contains more energy than the original 8oz size and is less filling than the 16oz. All of GURU high quality ingredients are now available in a sleek, practical 12oz size – perfect for urbanites in need of additional might.

Clean ingredients – Clean taste – Clean energy

Catering to busy, active people’s needs, the new set of six GURU products is 100% natural and contains an active botanical complex made from standardized herbal extracts of Guarana, Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba and Echinacea, following the same original proprietary formula that maximizes their beneficial effects.

GURU is now available in two brand new flavors:

GURU Juicy Superfruit : Thirsty for a healthy juice, yet needing an energy boost? Try this 100% natural blend of açai, black current, yumberry and pomegranate juices, combined with the highly energetic GURU blend. You’re in for a beneficial blast of antioxidants! Our fabulous fruit flavor will take you right back to the tastes of your childhood. So punchy, so healthy and oh! so yummy.

GURU Full On Lemonade : Is life squeezing your lemon? What better than a refreshing, cold lemonade on a hot summer day. This all-in-one energy drink/isotonic sport drink will let you push it real good while staying perfectly hydrated. And no, you won’t suddenly get the urge to jump off a building

Non-carbonated like the other two GURU Hybrids, GURU Full On Lemonade and GURU Juicy Superfruit are also USDA Certified Organic.

Also available in 12oz are GURU Original, GURU Lite (only 10 calories), GURU Juicy Tangerine and
GURU Iced Tea Green Tea Honey Lemon.

The suggested retail price of the new GURU Energy Hybrids is $2.99.

GURU is now available at Dean & DeLuca, Whole Foods Market, Amish Market, Jubilee’s, Zaytuna’s and healthclubs and hit the shelves of a thousand fine New York City neighborhood stores.