Project 7 to launch cause-related bottled water


Project 7
, a consumer goods company serious about social change, today announced
it will launch Project 7 Purified Water in September 2008. Each bottle
of water will be attached to one of seven areas of global critical
need-Build the Future, Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Help Those in
Need, Hope for Peace, House the Homeless, and Save the Earth. In order
to help “change the score,” Project 7 will donate 50 percent of profits
from its bottled water sales to seven charities, each organization
supporting one of the seven areas of critical need.

are extremely excited to start changing the score with the upcoming
launch of Project 7 Purified Water,” said Tyler Merrick, founder of
Project 7. “Our goal is to offer individuals an everyday consumable
product that will positively impact seven areas of critical need in the
world today. Project 7 encourages social change by allowing consumers
to make a difference in the world through their purchasing decisions.
If you’re going to drink bottled water, why not better our world?”

to the International Bottled Water Association, Americans consumed more
than 8.8 billion gallons of bottled water last year. If a percentage of
sales from each bottle was used to benefit people around the world,
imagine how much good would be accomplished. Project 7 seeks to
penetrate this market and donate profits to nonprofit organizations
committed to helping people suffering worldwide including, but not
limited to, one billion people who do not have access to clean water,
854 million people who go hungry each day, and 33 million people living
with HIV/AIDS around the world.

Project 7 Purified Water will fund the following seven areas of need across our world, as determined by Project 7:

  • Build the Future-aid for fair trade programs, inner city economic development and micro banks
  • Feed the Hungry-causes related to clean water, global and domestic hunger relief
  • Heal
    the Sick-supporting HIV/AIDS awareness and treatment programs,
    immunization relief in poor nations and aid for medical missions and
    mercy ships
  • Help Those in Need-assisting disaster relief, advocating human rights around the world and thwarting human trafficking
  • Hope
    for Peace-benefiting causes dedicated to the abolition of gang violence
    and aid to children of war, victims of ethnic cleansing and refugees
    seeking asylum worldwide
  • House the Homeless-help for the homeless, orphanages, and specific shelters for single moms and battered women
  • Save the Earth-contributing to environmental issues including global warming, renewable energy, and recycling education

7 will take 50 percent of profits from bottled water sales and create a
community piggy-bank. Throughout the year, the company will accept
applications from nonprofits that benefit one of the seven causes,
eventually selecting three finalists for each cause. Project 7 will
then invite consumers to vote online for the organization within each
area that will receive the proceeds. In total, Project 7 will support
seven different charities.

Regardless of sales
during its first year, Project 7 has committed to donating $15,000 to
nonprofits supporting each of the seven areas of critical need,
totaling a minimum donation of $105,000 in 2009.

7 will be bottled in the United States and distributed in boxes made of
100 percent post recyclable material with no shrink wrap, using
soy-based ink. Project 7 encourages consumers to recycle their water
bottles, which will be made into t-shirts, available online at . Fifty percent of merchandise profits will also be donated to Project 7 charities.

information on purchasing or carrying Project 7 products, please
contact Tyler Merrick at 817-488-9929. For press inquiries, please
contact Jenn Myres at 619-234-0345.

About Project 7

in Southlake, Texas, Project 7 is a consumer goods company passionate
about social change. For every purchase of a Project 7 product, the
company donates 50 percent of profits to seven areas of critical need
in the world-Build the Future, Feed the Hungry, Heal the Sick, Help
Those in Need, Hope for Peace, House the Homeless, and Save the Earth.
Non-profit organizations supporting any of these seven areas of need
can submit applications to Project 7. Seven of these organizations, one
from each area of need, will be voted on by consumers and supported by
product proceeds for the upcoming year. Project 7’s first product-a
line of purified water-will launch in September 2008. Project 7 is a
for-profit company. For more information on how you can help “change
the score,” please visit .