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DALLAS, TX – Hopelessness. Anxiety. Burnout. These are concepts everyone can empathize with in these uncertain times. Happiness is taken for granted, as is the relaxation that’s a byproduct of stress-relief. Stress is not just a problem – it’s the problem. Everyone longs for an escape from their problems; a vacation; a place where they can go to be happy; a place from where they return and share their happiness with everyone around them. ViB (pronounced vibe) is your vacation in a bottle.

Available nationwide in January 2009 from ViB Holdings LLC, ViB CHILL-N is a new lightly-carbonated, refreshing pomegranate-berry flavored functional beverage that promises to take you away form the daily hustle and bustle with a combination of vitamins and amino acids. ViB is your escape or vacation, wherever that may be. ViB is your relaxation. ViB is your solution to stress and anxiety. ViB is that happy, feel good vibe. . . in a bottle.

ViB is unlike any other beverage available. The new ViB functional beverage contains no caffeine, no sodium, is low in calories, carbohydrates and sugar, and comes loaded with Vitamins B3, B6 and B12 and contains the amino acids, L-theanine and L-threonine. This unique blend helps to cause a natural change in body chemistry that enhances focus, rejuvenates, relaxes without causing drowsiness, enhances clarity, and positively affects mood while not sacrificing for taste. However, consumers should take caution when drinking ViB because extreme happiness may occur.

“ViB was designed to make you feel good,” says Travis Hollman, CEO of ViB Holdings. “When stress and depression are at extreme levels, ViB can help reduce them naturally and help you feel like you’re on vacation to set your worries aside. It heightens your focus but relaxes the mind and body making you feel – happy.”

Following an extremely successful test market in Texas, ViB will now be available at grocery and convenience stores beginning in January. ViB has also become a popular mixer at bars where bartenders are mixing it with vodka to craft new refreshing martini and mojito concoctions like the ViB-rator and Good ViBrations.

But ViB isn’t just for adults. Teens are also chillin’ to this new beverage as an alternative to highly-caffeinated energy drinks that can increase agitation. Parents appreciate that it has less sugar and carbonation than high-calorie sodas. And, recent studies are finding that it can even reduce hyperactivity in children with ADHD and autism.

So, drink ViB and share your new found happiness with others at www.drinkvib.com .

About ViB Holdings LLC
Based in Dallas, TX, ViB Holdings LLC was founded by John delaValdene and Travis Hollman who have a proven track record in building successful businesses, including: Fitness Factory, Hollman Inc., Native Tan, Exposure Indoor, Shatter Sports, BigHeadz Entertainment, and the Marshmallow Fun Company. Hollman and Valdene launched ViB with the idea of not selling just a liquid but rather a lifestyle and a sensation. Some of ViB’s investors include high profile celebrities and athletes such as actor and musician Nick Lachey, Phoenix Suns’ Forward Amare Stoudemire, Dallas Stars’ Forward Mike Modano, Cowboys’ Tight End Jason Witten, Mavericks’ President Donnie Nelson, and Marco Riviera-Green Bay Packer Great. For more information about ViB, CHILL-N and ViB Holdings LLC, visit www.drinkvib.com