Whynatte Latte Signs with United Distributors Inc.

Atlanta, Ga. (October 2009) – Whynatte Latte, Atlanta’s own 8 oz coffee plus energy craze, has signed with United Distributors, a regional distribution company that boasts Sweetwater Brewing Company, Miller, Coors, Absolut and Bacardi as clients, to name a few. United Distributors is one of the top volume beverage distributors in the United States with distribution centers in Albany and Savannah, Georgia. United Distribution services 19,000 licensed beverage retailers, and the distribution agreement with United is slated to result in a 3x increase in volume within 60-90 days. As of November 2009, Whynatte Latte will have statewide distribution.

“United is always looking for new and unique products that we can help grow and support. Whynatte Latte, given their niche following and ingenious marketing, is a perfect example of a future industry winner. An Atlanta born and bred company, Whynatte exhibits local support and grassroots strength that we are excited to nurture. We have no doubt this partnership is going to prove successful for Whynatte and United”-Doug Hertz, President and Chief Executive Officer of United Distributors, Inc

“We could not have found a better distribution partner than United, and we are thrilled that they will take Whynatte to the next level. Self-distribution has allowed us to build a meaningful relationship with our customers, and we are incredibly grateful to everyone that has helped our Company make it to this point. Partnering with a distributor is a major decision for any small company, however, Whynatte has reached a point where our geographic reach is limited without a larger distribution partner. This partnership will allow us to do what we do best, and leverage United’s expansive distribution network. United has a proven track record of strategically developing up-and-coming brands, and I am confident that they will foster the independent spirit that has made Whynatte successful in the past. “-Jesse Altman, president and founder.

For more information on Whynatte Latte, please visit www.whynatte.com.

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About Whynatte Latte

More than a beverage, the Whynatte Latte, is a result of a credible word-of-mouth community filled with those who demanded their life and libations have good taste, unique qualities and a proper jolt. The Whynatte Latte, which launched to the Southeastern states in November 2008, is an eight ounce latte brewed with fresh hormone and antibiotic free milk, ginseng, guarana seed extract, cane and/or beet sugar and weighs in at a mere 100 calories per serving .Whynatte Latte is currently available in Atlanta, Athens, Birmingham, Houston, Chicago, New York, Savannah, Boston, Minnesota, Florida and more. In December 2008, The Atlanta Business Chronicle ran a three page feature on Whynatte proclaiming “Strong Business Plan (and) Research Helps Latte Concept Catch On”. Other press accolades include Atlanta Journal Constitution, Rolling Stone Magazine, MSNBC, American Idol, SKIRT! Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, J’Adore Magazine, Creative Loafing, among others.