Bebida’s Koma Unwind to be Distributed by Grantt Eddinger Distribution

Mooresville, NC (November , 2009) – (OTCPK:BBDA) Bebida Beverage company announces today the addition of yet another proven distribution partner for Bebida products. Grantt Eddinger Distribution located in Marion, Arkansas has come aboard to distribute the Bebida product line in their vast territories. Grantt Eddinger Distribution services locations spanning from Memphis, TN to Little Rock, AR, including Piggly Wiggly, Nafiehs, Flash Markets and many other C-stores and retail outlets.

Grantt Eddinger spent a day at the races with CEO Brian Weber, Dillon Oliver and the #33 Piranha Water/Koma Unwind team during the Kings Ransom 300 weekend in Memphis. With Bebida products on hand he was excited about the potential of Koma Unwind, as well as the victory for the #33.

“We had a lot of time to discuss the opportunity that Koma Unwind presented in his product portfolio, and he significantly believed in the marketing strategy behind our product” said CEO Brian Weber “A distribution deal was virtually decided while at the track and we are proud to have Grantt Eddinger Distribution involved with the future of our products”.

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Bebida Beverages Co. Is the maker and developer of several beverages including: Piranha Water, Guppy Water, Koma Unwind (Relaxation Beverage) and Koma Shot.