International Franchise Group, LLC announces the launch of Girl Power


Sarasota, FL (Business Wire) — International Franchise Group, LLC (IFG) has developed a new 2 ounce energy shot product, “Girl Power™”. Poised to have a major presence in the energy shot industry, Girl Power™ is the first, and only, energy shot clinically researched and custom blended for women.

Keith Lynch, Managing Partner with IFG says: “As the makers of Girl Power™, we realize that life can go at a faster pace than we can keep up with. Our goal was to develop an energy shot that gave a gentle boost for women that need a little pick me up throughout the day. Girl Power™ energy shots are a great supplement for every woman, from clubbers to soccer moms, they are for anyone that need a little extra help keeping up with their daily routine. Through our commitment, experience, and expertise, Girl Power™ energy shots are made from the highest quality ingredients to ensure that you are putting healthy vitamins and nutrients into your body, not stimulants and sugar.”

“For the new energy drinker who is not used to the hardcore energy kicks from the male-focused drinks, Girl Power™ was designed with a woman in mind. This great tasting, zero

sugar/carb/calorie drink supplies moderate energy levels throughout the day while avoiding

energy crashes associated with other energy drinks. Perfect for a woman looking for an extra boost of energy during the work day, the gym or before hitting the town for a night of fun.”, says Lynch.

IFG is set to begin distribution and delivery of the product nationwide no later than January of 2010. For product information and/or distribution inquiries, visit the Girl Power™ website: or contact IFG at (941) 556-1340.

About International Franchise Group, LLC: International Franchise Group is a full service business consulting firm, assisting both start-ups and established brands with market entry.