DOX Solutions announces Cardio Water


With health care on everyone’s mind these days DOX “Cardio Water” can be a significant aid in supporting a healthy lifestyle. It uses the strongest antioxidant available on the open market, Resveratrol, the antioxidant found in Red Wine. It helps not only develop a stronger heart and cardiovascular system but with proper diet, exercise and rest provides the building blocks to keep the heart strong for a lifetime.

The Doctors at DOX Solutions have combined this unique and powerful antioxidant polyphenol blend of pure Resveratrol (red wine grape non-alcohol extract) and pomegranate extract into DOX Cardio Water. Every 12oz bottle of DOX Cardio Water harnesses the powerful and protective benefit of more than 100 glasses of red wine and gives the heart a powerful boost of potent antioxidants – the molecules that battle heart disease, increase longevity, and improve cardiovascular performance.

DOX Solutions, Inc. is a company owned and staffed with active doctors.