Beaver Natural Soda now listed at 7-11 Canada

Latimer Lake BC April 29th, 2009. Following a very successful trial beginning May 1st Beaver Natural Soda, Canadian Cola, Retro Root Beer and Saskatoon Berry will be available across the entire 7-Eleven chain.

Led by their success of the Beaver Buzz Energy brands Double D Beverage Corp has been one of the most successful independent companies to enter the Canadian Beverage Industry in more than a decade, part of that success is due to their foresight in developing beyond energy.

“Energy Drink sales are flattening out this year,” said DD Bev. Corps Co President and CEO Richard DeBanks. “We will always have our loyal consumers but the experimenter and variety seeker have moved on, healthier option CSD’s are going to capture a lot of that movement”

7-Eleven has maintained a strong position in the Canadian market particularly in the West.

“They are and will continue to be not only a great partner of ours, but one of the best venues for showcasing and launching a new product” added DeBanks

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DD Bev. Corp. was founded in May of 2005 and is the fastest growing independent beverage company in Canada.