World’s First Brain Boosting Energy Rocket Spotted on Denver’s Radar


Denver, CO (PRWEB) April 9, 2009 — Fuzzee Bee Beverage Co is gearing up to launch a one-of-a-kind functional beverage called ZUN™, Brain Boosting Energy®! The carbonated energy hybrid is a ‘shopper stopper’, bottled in the world’s first international patent protected rocket bottle. The innovative retro-rocket is a huge departure from the typical carbonated bottle and is one of the most exciting beverage brands to hit the market in recent times. Inside packs an Out of this World™ flavor without that typical vitamin aftertaste. Official Launch is Fourth of July, 2009 covering regional markets. 

“Our formulation is intended to help Rid Your Brain of Cloud®, provide instant focus, sustainable energy, brain protection and memory improvement. It makes sense for college students who need that extra brain boost during study, test taking or recovering from a night of parties. We’ll also introduce the product to groups that require additional focus such as pilots, astronauts, athletes, racing and computer programmers,” said Brain Stearns owner of the new beverage company.

Fuzzee Bee plans on launching 2 additional flavors before year end, including a woman specific functional beverage that is currently in development. “We’ve been flying under the radar for over 2 years; developing, testing and protecting our product. The excitement level is through the roof now and we cannot contain our mission any longer! Cleared for Take-Off!” added Stearns, a commercial rated pilot & flight instructor.

The “cool” 12 Fl Oz rocket packs a proprietary blend of nutraceuticals including the amazing Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Ginkgo Biloba and Choline. The 12 Fl Oz also delivers antioxidant and stress pack vitamins, B12, B6, C, E, plus 100 mg of caffeine and an undisclosed amount of Taurine. Package has been designed to fit all C-Store racks and standard auto cup holders and is delivered in cases of 24. (60 cases per pallet)

For more information on Launch, please visit : or call 303-332-3301