Power Trip beverages announces new packaging

Old packaging (left) vs. new packaging (right)

DAVIE, FL – June 16, 2009 -Power Trip® Beverages (www.powertripbev.com), a diversified beverage leader specializing in bringing vitamin enhanced functional energy drinks with great taste and exciting flavors to distributors, retailers and consumers, today announced it has created new and vibrant packaging for its full-line of 16oz. energy drinks cans. The new packaging, the first since the company started in business, is designed to be eye-catching and to stand out from the crowd as it also emphasizes the “Vitamin Powered” formulation the company has become known for. The new packaging also makes it easier to identify its flavor profiles, another trademark of Power Trip’s product line, with flavors clearly identified by the fruit graphics on each can. The new packaging comes on the heels of the announcement of the new “Coconut” flavor and further exemplifies the company’s emergence as an innovator in the category.

“As the energy drink category continues to be competitive, it’s critical to stay ahead of the crowd and to standout and that’s exactly what our new packaging does,” said Power Trip Beverage President Doug Stuart. “We’ve already gained recognition for our innovative flavors and our vitamin profile and the new packaging with its vibrant colors and fruit flavors clearly depicted on the can will help us stand out at retail.”


Power Trip® Beverages, Inc. is a South Florida-based company that has become a diversified beverage company with one of the fastest growing energy drink brands in the country. Recognized as a flavored vitamin energy specialist, the company offers a line-up of five energy drinks – Original Blue, Mango, Power Trip “0” The Extreme and he all new and one of its kind Coconut – made from the highest quality ingredients designed to rival or exceed the current market leaders as well as the Power Trip Vitamin Power Shot. Power Trip® energy drinks are more vitamin-packed than any of the other leading energy drinks on the market today. Power Trip® Beverage products are currently available in 25 states including New York, Florida and California, and sold via the web at www.amazon.com and www.powertripbev.com. In addition, Power Trip products are available internationally throughout the Caribbean and the Middle East. Power Trip has also recently taken on world-wide sales and distribution rights for Hooters Energy Drink, Kwencher Flavored Waters and has been handling the well-known Ron Jon water brand for several years.

For more information on Power Trip® Beverages, its various sponsorships, promotional and sampling tours in a specific region and the company’s complete product lineup, visit www.powertripbev.com.