Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda Brings the Euphoric Experience of Kava Mainstream


DENVER, Aug. 18 /PRNewswire/ — Mary Jane’s Soda Inc. has launched a beverage that delivers a euphoric experience only possible from the use of Kava Root. This unique soda stimulates a positive mood, increases mental clarity and reduces stress without causing inebriation or any negative side effects.

“In today’s environment, stress is a constant,” said Creator/CEO Matt Moody. “We created Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda as an alternative to alcohol, for people who want a healthy, natural and legal way to relax and unwind. The degree of relaxation is surprising, and we’re proud to be the first to deliver a Kava-based soda that masks the typically bad flavor of Kava naturally.”

Major players in the specialized beverage market such as Red Bull, and Vitamin Water kicked off the craze for functional beverages, and now the anti-energy beverage industry is taking off. Drank, Slow Cow and Vacation in a Bottle are other relaxation beverages, but what differentiates Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda is its incorporation of one of the world’s most relaxing natural ingredients.

A key ingredient in Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda is Kava or ‘Awa. Kava is a root that has been used in ceremonies in the South Pacific for millennia. Kava roots are primarily used in a drink to experience euphoria, relaxation and to counteract stress, insomnia and anxiety. Some have also used Kava as an anti-depressant, a gentle anesthetic and to relieve muscle tension. The active ingredients in this mild sedative are called kavalactones, and its maximum effects are felt when drinking on an empty stomach.

Mary Jane’s Relaxing Soda is available in cola flavor in select California 7-Eleven stores and independent retailers throughout California, Colorado, Oregon and Kansas, and also for purchase online.

“Honestly, I was pretty skeptical. I mean, how relaxing and fun can a non-alcoholic drink be?” said Customer Brian Allen. “Let’s just say I was blown away to a calm and peaceful place. I’m excited to have my friends try it. It’s the perfect drink to just sit back and relax with at the end of the day.”