ABB announces 8.5 oz. Pure Pro protein shot


ABB’s new Pure Pro® Shot provides busy, on the go people with a tasty burst of rapidly digesting whey protein isolates. With 30 grams of protein in each 8.5 ounce bottle, a Fruit Punch or Sour Grape flavored shot presents a quick, convenient way to supplement high-protein diets, support muscle maintenance or recover from a workout at the gym.

“Getting lean, clean nutrition has always been a challenge for active individuals, especially those with hectic, fast-paced schedules, said Jay Jacobsen, Marketing Manager with ABB in Aurora. “Our new Pure Pro® Shots are small enough to slip into a briefcase, lunch bag or even a purse. With 30 grams of concentrated protein, less than a gram of fat, and just one gram of carbohydrates, this shot has plenty to build on and pretty much nothing to get in the way of any diet.”

ABB has a decades-long tradition of innovation in the sports nutrition industry. The company introduced the first power activator beverage during the 1980s, and continues to market an extensive line of energy drinks at retailers online and around the corner. Because quality has always been foremost in the company’s mission. products are produced at ABB owned and operated facilities in accordance with GMP industry standards.