GURU Has Launched USDA ORGANIC All-Natural Energy Drink

Brooklyn, NY – GURU 2.0 is hitting store shelves at health food stores across the US, as well as on and on the website, offering energy drink fans a taste they will recognize, but in a new, certified organic and 100% natural version. In response to a growing online demand, GURU Energy Drink innovates once more with their newest product: GURU 2.0. The latest addition to the GURU lineup sets itself apart from GURU Original with its Extreme Taste, instantly recognizable to millions of fans of traditional energy drinks. They too can now choose a healthier alternative without letting go of that taste they’ve come to know so well.

“True to our pro-health ideal, we are proud to introduce a product with a well-known taste that can smooth the transition to a healthier lifestyle and one that is better for the environment,” explains Ray Jolicoeur, co-founder of GURU.

A naturally explosive taste
While traditional energy drinks are entirely artificial, GURU 2.0 has a formula that combines all-natural ingredients and an exclusive, powerful botanical complex, with no preservatives, no taurine, and no artificial ingredients. The GURU team has successfully reproduced that distinctive small berry flavor known within the energy drink community. The result? A taste that explodes in your mouth, identifiable across the world, and available for the very first time in a version that is certified organic and 100% natural.

Because it’s organic, GURU 2.0 is made in a more environmentally conscious manner, without the use of synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The company believes in a healthy diet and living in harmony with the environment; they believe that organic agriculture optimizes the health, productivity, and interdependence of the earth, plants, animals, and people.

The era of 2.0
Through online comments and discussions between energy drink consumers, as well as chatting with its clientele through Facebook and their corporate blog, the GURU team realized that consumers were looking for accessible healthier alternatives, and so the 2.0 concept was born. Fans of the popular GURU Original and GURU Lite can rest assured: GURU 2.0 joins the family but its elders are here to stay!

About GURU
Leading the healthy energy drink phenomenon in the US since 2005, GURU Energy Drink was founded in Montreal by four health-conscious college friends who traveled the globe to research and develop an energy drink for healthy lifestyles. Born amid the rising appeal of natural and organic products, GURU Energy Drink is pioneering a new category with a unique combination of high-tech formulation and ancient holistic principles borrowed from cultures from around the world. The company's Head Office is in Montreal, Canada. In the U.S., GURU Beverage Co.’s headquarters are based in Brooklyn, New York.