Hydro One Beverages Announces New Distribution Partnership

As Hydro One, maker of Premium Beverages, continues to expand their distribution and market share. They are excited to announce the distribution partnership with Cromer Food Service, one of the largest food and beverage distributors in South Carolina and Georgia. CFS has been serving their customers for over three decades and continues their fine reputation of dedicated customer service and outstanding products.

Brent Cromer, President of Cromer Food Service, stated that he was eager to include Hydro One’s Healthy Beverages to his line of products. CFS currently distributes to over 700 accounts and will be providing BODE and REV d products to its customers.

Hydro One currently has eight products in the market covering 21 states which include many food markets, health stores, hospitals, schools and pharmacies. As people’s awareness continues to be concerned about healthy lifestyles, Hydro One expansion plans will continue with more regions and more enticing healthy, all natural products.

For more information about Hydro One, please visit our website www.hydroonebeverages.com