Hydro One announces TRUE Green Teas

Greenwood, SC (April 19, 2010) Hydro One Beverages, “Drink for your Health” today launched a new category TRUE Green Teas to expand and diversify its great tasting, all natural, growing line of functional beverages.

Hydro One TRUE Green Teas will be available in three flavors: Naturally Sweetened Green Tea, Sugar Free Green Tea and Sugar Free Organic Green Tea.

“We’re excited to offer consumers a great tasting and healthy green tea, our teas are scientifically formulated like no others in the market offering superior TRUE green tea taste and Heart Choice Certification”, said Sammy Nasrollahi, Co-Founder and CEO, Hydro One Beverages.

Heart Choice natural plant sterols take good health to heart, the active ingredients in Heart Choice is scientifically proven to help lower your cholesterol, so you can lead an active heart healthy lifestyle… Naturally. It’s as simple as that!

Hydro One Beverages offers Heart Choice in our Heart Health Acai Blueberry product. “Heart Health turned into our top seller, a very positive response and we felt we had to expand this solution for helping people try to improve or maintain a healthy lifestyle”, stated Jay Perkins, Director of Operations, Hydro One Beverages.

This formulation makes our TRUE Green Teas UNIQUE for healthy and TRUE for taste