HerbaSway introduces Last Round Hangover Support shot

WALLINGFORD, CONN., (5/5/10) – If you think you may have had enough alcohol to drink, you may still need to have just one more shot – of “Last Round” Hangover Support, that is. When consumed at the end of a night of drinking, this new all-natural dietary supplement helps the body detoxify, process alcohol, and head off the common next-day hangover. Each 2.5-ounce bottle of Last Round is a ready-to-drink single “shot.” Bottles are available at retail shops nationwide, including Whole Foods, and online at www.last-round.com, and are sold in two-packs, six-packs, 12-packs, and party packs of 50 bottles.

The product was developed (and is manufactured) by HerbaSway, makers of all-natural liquid nutritional and dietary supplement products. It was created after HerbaSway customers began to report that its Kudja stress reliever supplement was helping them through hangovers. After extensive research and testing, the company developed Last Round, a new blend of ingredients including kudzu root extract, stevia extract, and green tea extracts.

Retailers and testers thought the product was great tasting, loved that it was all-natural, and thought it met a need in the marketplace. Bar and restaurant owners are planning to stock Last Round and offer it to customers at the end of the night, if needed. Higher-end restaurant managers also plan to discreetly offer a bottle of Last Round, sometimes even free of charge, as a service to their valued clientele. Party planners have expressed tremendous interest in using Last Round as favors for bachelor parties, corporate gatherings, and other appropriate events.

Last Round works by removing the effects of alcohol, “relaxing” the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain, and detoxifying the body so users avoid headaches, dry mouth, and other ailments associated with hangovers. Since too much alcohol affects moderate drinkers (and women) more, they may suffer worse hangovers, and may benefit most from Last Round. The company recommends drinking one 2.5-once bottle of Last Round just before bedtime.

“Our whole philosophy at HerbaSway revolves around living a natural lifestyle and, as a natural hangover support, Last Round fits perfectly alongside our other product lines,” said Robert Wolfson, president of HerbaSway. “Drinking moderately and responsibly also fits into our philosophy, but we recognize that there are times when people go a little overboard. On these occasions, a final shot of Last Round provides protection against hangovers the next day. As we say on the bottle, it’s the best way to end a night of drinking.”

HerbaSway, (www.herbasway.com), is the maker of the best-selling, all-natural HerbaGreen® Tea, HerbaSway Spa & Beauty (www.herbaswayspa.com), Thre Energy Drink, and Last Round. All products are based on traditional combinations of only the purest ingredients and wild-crafted herbs chosen from around the world, used in combination with the latest western scientific research. Each formula is synergistically blended to produce optimum levels of anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals in the body. All HerbaSway products are sugar free, caffeine free, calorie free, alcohol free and have no artificial sweeteners or preservatives.